Off-road camp and rest oasis.

Holidays for the whole family.

Bosnia and Herzegovina. Original nature, empty landscapes and a intact flora and fauna.
The basecamp is located about 100 km east of the city of Split, above the town Livno at 1000 m.
On about 100 ha you can enjoy absolute peace and freedom.

Touch the sky in Livno

The small 4000 year old town is located in the middle of the Dinaric mountains. Traces of the Ottoman Empire, the Romans and the modern are clearly visible. There is a Mediterranean-influenced mountain climate with strong winds and many hours of sunshine. The summers are hot and dry, partly with temperatures above 40° C

In many places the nature around Livno is untouched Many wild boars, foxes, lynxes, wolves, bears and some poisonous snakes and smaller scorpions live here. 10km east of Livno in the wide mountains you can be find wild horses. On your hike for fresh grass, salt and water they gallop dozens of kilometers a day..

Livno is the ideal place to experience the Dalmatian hinterland and the coast.

Livno (BiH)


On about 100 ha you can enjoy absolute peace and freedom. In our camp you can either stay in the mountain house or just camping. The place is below the camp and can be reached in 10 min. If you are without a vehicle, we will drive you with our all-terrain vehicles.


  • Explore the area with your all-terrain vehicle or Enduro.
  • Watch wild horses in your natural environment.
  • Bathe in crystal-clear rivers and hike along old, partly forgotten paths.

In addition to the off-road tours, there are numerous activities available. Horseback riding, hiking, fishing, paintball and more. Day trips to the nearby coast can be organized individually. In the morning to the sea and in the evening back to the mountains.

If you still have energy in the evening, numerous bars, restaurants and discos are open until late at night.

Wild horses

Directly at the camp begins the high plateau "Krug".

Under the open sky, on an area of ​​140km2 live about 400 wild horses. Einst Nutztiere wurden Sie im Laufe der Zeit und mit dem Aufkommen technischer Hilfsmittel zur Landwirtschaft nicht mehr gebraucht. They have defied the severe winters and the attack of wolves for more than 50 years.

On their hike, in search of fresh grass, salt and water, they run dozens of kilometers a day. Countless scars bear witness to the wildness of nature and the struggle for survival.

A world-unique nature excursion, not just for horse lovers.

Prices and accommodation possibilities

  • Camping
  • from 25,00 € / Tag
  • Information
    Since we appreciate the tranquility of our guests, we only offer a small number of campsites.Please register beforehand. The camp can only be reached with an off-road vehicle. We will be pleased to pick you up at the town and take you there..
  • Haupthaus
  • Own Check-in or Pick up service from the airport
  • Children up to 14 years are free of charge
  • Contact
  • Overnight in the main house
  • from 70,00 € / Tag
  • Information
    The house has a very large, open living room with kitchen and fireplace.One bedroom with double bed and extra bed. Bathroom with shower and a 60 m² terrace.
  • Haupthaus
  • Own Check-in or Pick up service from the airport
  • up tu 6 Persons
  • Contact
  • Overnight in house "Matko"
  • from 40,- € / Tag
  • Informationen
    The house has an open space with kitchen and living room. A ladder leads to a second level with mattress storage
  • Own Check-in or Pick up service from the airport
  • up to 4 Persons
  • Contact